Heartland Housing Initiative

The Heartland Housing Initiative increases access to permanent, safe, decent and affordable supportive housing options for individuals with a mental health diagnosis in the bi-state region. The Initiative’s programs are based on successful, nationally recognized supportive housing models and include both agency-owned properties and leased units provided by partnered landlords.

All three of our supportive housing programs (Blaylock Residences, Campbell Apartments and Marion Apartments) are funded through HUD competitive grants. Within each of our housing programs, MHAH works to foster a sense of community. This sense of community enhances the collaborative endeavor between these individuals and staff to develop and implement a mental health recovery plan leading to a healthy, productive and inclusive life.

  • MHAH currently owns and operates two permanent housing sites for homeless individuals with a mental health diagnosis: Campbell Apartments and Marion Apartments. Campbell Apartments is an eight unit building located in an historic neighborhood in midtown Kansas City, Missouri. Marion Apartments is a ten unit building in Leavenworth, Kansas that gives preference to homeless veterans.
  • MHAH partners with private landlords throughout rural Kansas to provide permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless individuals with a mental health diagnosis. Blaylock Residences is comprised of eleven scattered housing sites located in Emporia, Ottawa and Manhattan.
  • KanDo Apartments in Kansas City, KS is a HUD owned and subsidized program for low-income individuals with a mental health diagnosis. MHAH, as the sponsoring agency and Management Agent, oversees the 14-unit permanent housing site, and works closely with both traditional and non-traditional support services agencies to ensure its tenants achieve a quality life.