Child & Youth Mental Health Initiative


Our Child and Youth Mental Health Initiative (CYMHI) program provides education to children and youth, parents and families, and school and other child/youth social service personnel around the issues of mental illnesses and mental health in children and youth. These include: teen suicide awareness and education presentations; presentations to teachers and school staff on recognizing and responding to mental illnesses in schools; and education for parents and families on issues surrounding mental health and illness in children and youth.


ANSWER (Adolescents Never Suicide When Everyone Responds) is one of the only classroom-based suicide prevention projects in the region. The program teaches teens how to identify the signs of depression and suicide and encourages help seeking behaviors. ANSWER’s objective is to have teens turn to an adult if they or a friend are depressed or have thoughts of suicide.

CYMHI provides educational suicide prevention sessions for 4,000-5,000 young people in schools and in the community each year.


For more information about CYMHI, contact Susan Estes at or 913-281-2221 (ext 104).