How can MHAH support you?

MHAH Information and Referral 913-281-2221

Open Monday- Thursday from 8:30am-4:30pm

Our Information and Referral line provides answers to mental health questions in addition to providing referrals to local community resources and information about treatment options. You may also purchase our Greater Kansas City Self Help and Support Group Directory, “In the Company of Others,” (updated annually) to have local resources at your fingertips.


The Compassionate Ear Warmline 913-281-2251

Open daily from 4pm-10pm, including holidays

The Compassionate Ear Warmline is a peer-operated listening service for persons in need of support. The Warmline offers non-crisis supportive listening, coping strategies, information, and a reprieve from loneliness or isolation. This program also provides human service training and esteem-building employment opportunities for persons with mental illness; trained Warmline operators are volunteers who work from their homes and use their knowledge to provide help without having to deal with transportation or other issues involved with getting to a worksite. The line does not handle crisis or suicide calls but has the training and capacity to transfer those calls appropriately.


MHAH Housing Programs

Our housing programs are designed to provide permanent, safe and affordable housing to homeless and chronically homeless individuals with a mental health diagnosis. If you or someone you know would like to know more about MHAH’s housing program, contact Janet (“Cookie”) Cook at or 913-222-5924.